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AlphaState Peak Performance Training classes run the same scalable workout throughout the day, making it easy for you to fall in, no matter your fitness level. Consistency is however key. Each workout forms part of a greater wave in a longer periodisation.

The main goal is for you to develop the physical and mental endurance required to live life at its peak. Optimal body composition does not only translate into better confidence, but a stronger and healthier frame. Aerobic endurance does not only translate into a leaner and more conditioned body, but an oxygenated brain that supports optimal cognitive function.

We also offer the workouts for you to do at your convenience with guidance from coaches on daily social media posts.

With limited space, booking is essential. 

ExperiEnce Group Flow

The AlphaState experience is built on the foundation of strength, cardio and high intensity training. We take groups through waves of periodised fitness cycles to not only build stronger individuals, but form tight knit groups that flow. Apart from building strength and stamina for life, AlphaState Training is about having fun, making friends and expereincing group flow. 


Fundamental strength is built over time by means of compound weightlifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses and heavy pulls. With a strong strength foundation one moves into building power through force. We apply strict structural movements with heavier loads in work-to-rest ratios that allow you to adapt and grow strong over time. 


Cardiovascular conditioning involves spending more time in the aerobic (meaning with oxygen) energy system. Steady-state cardio performed for 30mins or longer can combine structural movements, using lighter loads, with conditioning tools such as Air bikes, Skiergs and Indoor Rowers. The whole body is worked at a lower intensity over an extended period of time to increase endurance, forcing the body to remain lean and efficient. An important part of the aerobic experience is to enter into a focused state where breathing and movement work in unouson to increase mental fitness.

High Intensity Interval

High Intensity Interval Training  involves short bursts of anaerobic (without oxygen) exercise proceeded by rest and recovery. When engaged you can work near close to maximum exertion. Rest is meant to allow for adequate recovery in order to achieve the same intensity. HIIT workouts are beneficial for fasting insulin levels, burning fat, building strength and endurance, as well as improving cognitive function. Due to their intensity, they require longer periods of recovery and are therefore programmed strategically to not overload the nervous system.

Your First week is on us!

When it comes to fitness we believe in testing and assessing. You can never know until you try it, but you must try it more than once. That’s why we offer you a week’s FREE membership to see how AlphaState Training works for you. You become a fully registered member to test the classes and see if they are for you. We know AlphaState is for you, but come see for yourself. Mindset is Everything!

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